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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Fond Adieu

You're not going to have chanced on this entry without knowing the backstory, are you? Me rewriting The Farce of Sodom as a musical? If you're like "Whuh?!" go here. Otherwise...

With this number, I'm not sure it isn't just a continuation of "A Helping Hand," but it feels like there should be a break between them. I'm tempted to move this to after the next song coming up, indeed, stage it with PRICKETT entering, followed by SWIVIA and PUCKINELLO.


"A Fond Adieu"

[PUCKANELLO rises, licking his lips, all innocence.]

If you'd told me to hold it at bay.
Puckenallo woulda!

Puckanello shoulda!

Oh to lose such a blessing so gay!
Puckanello sighs. Puckanello cries.

Sweet prince, a pardon for this mistake
It's clear I have some amends to make.
So here at your feet,
I'm yours to beat,
To use as you command,
To slap with tarse
My mouth or arse,
Wherever your prick will stand.

You've exhausted my spirits; I'm done,
Puckanello, drained! Maybe sprained!
You've ruined me and your own fun
Puckanello, shame! You're to blame!

Your new desires got quite a shove
He took you quick to the heart of love.
But on such a ride
You're bound to collide
With a terrible wonderful end.
You hope for the pleasure
But can't keep the treasure.
You'll just have to go again.

The will is willing, but it's no use
When little Pricket ain't got the juice.
I've spent my desire,
I'll have to retire,
And sleep till I rise anew.
I'll nap for an hour,
Recover my power
Or bid fucking a fond adieu.

Our ambitions are fled.
Let us take him to bed.
Though he's living, he's good as dead.

[Exeunt, leading him mournfully]



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