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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Step right up! Step right up!

Alright, my juicy chums, my nicotinous fiends and drunken bums. Jack Flash here. Aye, we've taken over Duncan's blog, Puck and meself, a boy and his wild dog; and just because today's the fuckin day, because the book is OUT now finally across the fuckin US fuckin A, we thought, meself and Puck, we'd give you something a bit special.

Other than yourself, you mean, Jack?

Huh? Oh... "a bit special." Very funny, Puck, my well-plucked petal. Whaddaya say we give em, Puck? Some verbal fireworks or a mental fuck? Destruction? Recreation?

No! I say, my saucy Jack, we offer them a show. Let's give em music, song and dance. Let's give them Jack and Puck, the tragedy, the comedy, the romance.

Sounds good to me. That Duncan's always had a soft spot for his musicals.

Well, he is queer.

Well, then. Let's give him one.

Hey kids! Let's hold the gig right here!

OK, then. Me and you--

And we'll need Guy as well, and Joey too. We'll need a couple more, only a few, but -- actually -- we will need you-know-who.

Fuck, well at least he'll be in his disguise -- the bowler hat, the pennies on his eyes. But fuck it. Right. No more ado. Now, introduced by yours so very truly, Jack--

And Puck, remember--

How could I forget my favourite scrag? We give you--

Wait! Let's clear the stage and bring the curtain down. OK then: now.

We give you Duncan's punk-ass musical, the one and only...


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