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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shortlists and Shouting

Awesomeness! I am, it seems, up for the Tähtivaeltaja award again this year! I feel almost guilty about keeping my fingers crossed for this one, cause it's just being greedy. But, hey, I'm not really known for my self-control, am I? Anyways, congrats to the other nominees:

  • Herran tarhurit (The Year of the Flood) by Margaret Atwood (Otava)
    Description of an apocalypse of biblical proportions that preaches against humankind’s endless greed and immorality
  • Mielenpeli (Mindplayers) by Pat Cadigan (Avain)
    Self and personality are written anew in a book that looks deep into the foundation of identity
  • Tohtori Veriraha (Dr. Bloodmoney) by Philip K. Dick (Like)
    Little people look for their place in a post–nuclear war described in a surprisingly warm and humane way
  • Muste (Ink) by Hal Duncan (Like)
    A metaphorical novel dives vigorously into a breathtaking network of myth and reality
  • Kirkkaan selkeää by Maarit Verronen (Tammi)
    A protagonist, fallen outside the society, witnesses the rising class distinction and destruction of nature in a wrenching vision of the near future

In other news, I'll be performing at the upcoming Initial Itch. That'd be at the 13th Note, Monday 4th April, 7:30 to 10:30. No idea where I'll be in the line-up, so come early to get yer seat and make sure ye don't miss me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


J. Ahlroth

PS. I accidentally typed the word verification after my name and I became Ahlrothormonsti. An evocative name, that would be.

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