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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


In case you're a reader of the pertinent language, Czech portal, has my story, "Styx Water and a Sippy Cup," up for you to read, along with an interview in 2 parts:

Part One
Part Two

Those of you who don't read Czech though... fear not! My latest Notes from New Sodom column is up at BSC Review. And touches on some of the themes most recently addressed in the last couple of entries here:

It’s night in the city of Writing. A librarian sits in the SF Café, looking out on the ghetto of Genre. The whole place has become a little chi-chi over the years, beatnik artists moving in above the brothels and the crack dens. Might almost forget it’s the ghetto, if that avant garde street theatre troupe out on Mass Market Square didn’t blend in with the hookers and hustlers, make it all look like just one big sensual experience for sale. And whenever she swings by the Bistro de Critique, friends shudder at where she hangs: that dive? The librarian takes this in her stride. There’s no point whining about your area being badmouthed when your next door neighbour runs a crack house and, well, you do like a bit of a puff on the old hash pipe now and then.



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