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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wilde Stories 2011

Apparently blog posts are like buses. Ye wait all of February for one to come along and then March turns into a blogstravaganza! But this is just a wee quickie to give you the Table of Contents for Wilde Stories 2011, which is a bumper edition this year, it seems, to celebrate Lethe Press's 10th Anniversary. Many happy returns, I say, and all the best for the next ten years!

Anyways, here's this year's contents, with yours truly present as ye'll see:

"Love Will Tear us Apart" by
Alaya Dawn Johnson

"Map of Seventeen" by Chris Barzak

"How to Make Friends in Seventh Grade" by Nick Poniatowski

"Mortis Persona" by Barbara A. Barnett

"Mysterium Tremendum" by Laird Barron

"Oneirica" by Hal Duncan

"Lifeblood" by Jeffrey Ricker

"Waiting for the Phone to Ring" by Richard Bowes

"Blazon" by Peter Dubé

"All the Shadows" by Joel Lane

"The Noise" by Richard Larson

"How to Make a Clown" by Jeremy C. Shipp

"Beach Blanket Spaceship" by Sandra McDonald

"Hothouse Flowers: or The Discreet Boys of Dr. Barnabas" by Chaz Brenchley

So, yeah, looking forward to reading it all.

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Blogger Quinn said...

I love the titles of short stories. Or maybe just titles in general. Oneirica, huh? Gotta love dreams. I'll definitely have to check these out!


12:12 pm  

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