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Thursday, March 10, 2011


In a post over on March Charan Newton's blog the other week, I posted a comment on segregation in the media. Most gratifyingly, the SFWA Blog asked if I'd let them run it as a guest post. Naturally, I was delighted to do so. So, it's up now on the main SFWA site and on the SFWA community LiveJournal. The former seems to have accrued more comments, so I'll point you there with the excerpt:

“Does it matter that more books don’t address minorities or gender equality?”


The status quo is segregation. It’s a state of segregation in which black, queer and members of other abject groups are not deemed to belong as main characters. This is the segregation of not being able to sit at the front of the bus. They may be allowed in as an exception if it “serves the plot” (c.f. your reviewer’s expectation of a reason for the character’s gayness.) This is the segregation of being stopped in a white neighborhood and challenged on your purpose in being there. They may be allowed in as Gay Best Friends or Magic Negros in service of the straight, white protagonist. This is the segregation of travelling into a white neighbourhood to work as a cleaner in someone’s house.



Blogger Quinn said...

I definitely agree. I'm always on the lookout for books that include a character of a different "appearance" than is the norm-- be they a so-called minority of race, sexuality, or gender identity-- just because. Just because the world is filled with all these different people, and some of them happen to be main characters too. Where being gay isn't the defining attribute of the character or their story. Because it's NOT revolutionary to have a non-white, non-straight protagonist. It shouldn't be.

I'm often disappointed with how little of that I find. That's why I try to write in the natural diversity I see in my life. Many young authors I know do so, and it's great. I'd like to see it more.


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