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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Other News...

You want to be reading N.K. Jemison's open letter to Hollywood, if you haven't already. The truth be spoken.

But, hey, if yer fed up with all my kvetching about segregaton, on the plus side, in terms of international cinema, we have this news:

Malaysia’s first ever gay themed movie has hit the ground running, becoming a box office hit in its homeland and earning back its production costs in less than a week on release...

...In 2010 the Malaysian Film Censorship Board relaxed its rules to allow for gay representation on screen, just so long as the characters turn straight or die by the end. Nice.

Of course, it's a mark of the problem we're dealing with when it's a (massive crowd-drawing) success just to get a seat on the bus -- at the front of it even! -- on the proviso that one is straight or dead by the end.

Still, one thing I'll say for Hollywood is that at least it's advanced from that, right? I mean, we were all wowed when Hollywood gave us the (massive crowd-drawing) success of Brokeback Mountain where Jack... um... dies and the surviving Ennis is... um... "a bit more toward the straight side of being bisexual."

So... um...




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