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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ease My Prick

Go ye and read this if you're wondering what the fuck this is.

Again, this follows from the previous. The music would likely just carry on into it actually, since it's the same melody.


"Ease My Prick"

[Scene: A grove. Wretches in filthy rags lie on the ground, clutching genitals and moaning. A youth, under a palm-tree sitting, in a melancholy manner sings:]

Oh! Gentle Venus, ease my prick
Which calls your cunt his queen,
Which lately suffered by a lass,
And spits out pus as green as grass
And cankers has fifteen.

Beneath her hand it limply lies,
And try it might, but cannot rise.
And when it's got between her thighs,
It grieves to feel such pain,
And it draws back again.

[Enter PUCKINELLO, to hand the YOUTH some pills.]

Take two of these each day.

[The YOUTH offers money, but PUCKINELLO waves it away.]

Don't even have to pay.




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