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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Comfort My Cunt (Reprise)

Go ye and read this if you're wondering what the fuck this is.

This song follows on from the previous.


"Comfort My Cunt (Reprise)"

His power in the puddle drowned,
His seed all spattered on the ground.
Oh, such a waste, to throw away
The bliss for which my cunt has prayed,
Comfort my cunt.
Comfort my cunt

So lovers are when full of fire.
They come as quickly as desire.
They make their compliments before
They've even opened up the door.
Comfort my cunt.
Comfort my cunt

Oh cruel usurper, see him wipe
The fruit of love not even ripe.
And any tarses might surely moan
If dildo-smith can't rule his own.
Comfort my cunt.
Comfort my cunt

[Exeunt omnes]



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