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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, it looks like my long posts have now become notorious even in the world of webcomics. Heh. With that in mind, I shall keep this post teeny-tiny, with just a few things to say.


I missed this when it first came out, but it seems Lisa Tuttle had some nice words to say in the Times (yay!):

... Duncan has real linguistic flair and The Book of All Hours has the aura of a cult classic, to be argued about for years


If you haven't already read Vol. 1 of OCTAVIAN NOTHING by M.T. Anderson, go read it now. Just do it. It's fucking excellent.

And just for a bit of randomness, a cut-up-and-fold-in of a Bjork song:

venus as a boy

he's a venus,
he believes, the
wicked beauty
of her humour.
he's a venus,
he believes. the
boy suggests they
taste her beauty
on his fingers.
he's a venus,
so exciting
in his touches
of her beauty
he sets sense as
accurate in focus as a
boy off in arousal, as a
boy exploring sex. he's venus.

as a boy, he's venus.


See? Now, that was dead short.


Blogger John Klima said...

Man! I had time to read that in one sitting!

5:00 pm  
Blogger paul f cockburn said...

And I'd scheduled a three hour period to read the next posting!

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Signs of the apocalypse, part 666:

--Hal Duncan's blog posts can be read before you finish your beer...


7:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok so, reading your blog or taking care of my son......ach, I'm sure he won't mind going to bed at 3 in the afternoon.... ;]

10:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've bought Vellum & I have to congratulate you, fabulous!

Now I'll have to rearrange the other writers in my Pantheon as to make more room. So there.

7:03 pm  

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