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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Ephemera

While, as I do believe, Mr Williamson is off at Eastercon, I thought I'd give some pimpage for the new e-book edition of his short story collection, The Ephemera. As Neil says:

Even if you bought the book first time round, we thought we might be able to persuade you to take another look at it by adding some interesting new material, including:
- lovely new cover art by Vincent Chong
- a fab new introduction by Hal Duncan
- a foreword by myself on the subject of ephemeral stuff
- notes on each of the stories
- three extra previously uncollected stories
- and last, but not least, a brand new story written especially for this edition.

It's a bit redundant to say I highly recommend it, but yeah, it's well worth picking up if ye've got one of them there whatchyemaflipadedoohickies for ebooks.



Anonymous said...

This was your latest post, and probably the best way to deliver my kudos-- and criticism --since there's no direct email.

The bad first: you're the hardest bastard to pigeonhole and pin down that it makes suggesting The Book of All Hours to friends the worst. What is it? Mythofuterology? Slipstream? Spec fic? Streams of poetry that take form over a thousand pages?

Which probably isn't bad, really, given what you undertook. It's probably a compliment.

The good things: I keep trying to find, hoping to find, your latest works. One of the few that I keep tabs on whenever I go to the bookstore- one of a handful, really. There's also a massive love for your comments on It Gets Better-- it was brutal, it was beautiful, and I hope it helped others. My problems weren't the same as your target, but were damned close.

Mind you, I really like the antagonism. It's... satisfying. And fitting.

Best wishes in whatever you're working on now, since it has been goddamned impressive thus far.

busy monster

7:19 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Cheers, busy monster. If it helps, I usually mumble something about "cubist fantasy" when asked what sorta fiction TBoAH is. It seems like a good touchstone for the 3D time conceit and fragged/faceted structure.

Anyways, yeah, thanks for stopping by with the kind words. :D

6:17 pm  

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