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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm currently faffing about, dealing with emails and stuff accrued while I was away for the annual Hogmanay Hootenanny in the wilds of interweb-free Scotland. Got a flat to be cleaned and work to be settled back into, so for now I'll just point you at an interesting post by Daniel Abraham, in part riffing off a conversation we had over dinner a couple of years back. For both of us, it seems, our thoughts have moved on a bit from where we were back then, in terms of the old "style versus content" debate. And there's some more thoughtful commentary from Ted Chiang and S.M. Stirling, so I figured it might be of interest to yez.

Anyways, it also reminds me of this post from a wee while back, in which I completely scrap the whole notion of signifiers/signifieds. I'm reminded of that post because this is basically where/how I see readers gleaning story from sentences that simply shouldn't work, where the stream of (con)notation might be better seen, I think, as the raw matter of an imaginative montage being actively shaped by a reader into "the import of import," as I describe it on Daniel's LJ.

So, yeah, have some elsewhere musings to chew over. I'll be back once the detritus of 2010 is properly cleared from the Helter Shelter, as I like to call my bachelor pad cum mad monastic's hovel.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Happy New Year to you too, Hal :)
Thanks for the link :) I ventured a comment on Daniel's post: the topic fascinates me endlessly :)



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