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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

I'm about to head off for Hogmanay shenanigans up North, so I thought I'd leave yez with a Christmas present from a reader, a couple of Vellum & Ink themed YouTube vids.

First, Vellum:

And Ink:

I am, of course, well chuffed just to have someone dig the books enough to even do the whole YouTube mixvid thing for them; but I gotta say I also think they're pretty fucking nifty as book trailers. I'm really digging the use of Muse for the Ink vid, in particular; I like em as a band anyways, but the theatricality of the rock (and the sentiment of that song in particular) is just spot on. Also, the use of Kenneth Anger totally tickled me pink: Oooh! Oooh! It's using Kenneth Anger for Pierrot & Harlequin! Sweet! Splicing that in with some rather apt found footage courtesy of Hollywood, (Zippos! explosions!) and playing text as tagline (and who doesn't love a good tagline?)... yeah, when I played it for the first time my response was a very loud, "Awesome!"

So yeah, this was one of my favourite Christmas presents this year.



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