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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Links for the Weekend

If you remember the Slab City scenes in VELLUM, my mate Craig Marnock from the GSFWC just sent me this link to a photographer based there. It's kinda cool, and even has the Jesus Hill.

Via Mark Newton, more cool visuals of recycled robots.

On another blog that easily keeps me as a regular reader, John Coulthart has a great entry on a current art "blasphemy" controversy.

And the aspects of homosexuality and "obscenity" there bring me to this fascinating interview with director Tim Sullivan and actor Sean Lockhart who've joined together in a project that's more and more interesting the more I hear about it. The former is the maker of 2001 Maniacs and other "splatstick" horror flicks. The latter is better known as gay adult star, Brent Corrigan, who's currently trying to make the jump from porn into mainstream. What *really* pushes the right buttons for me in the interview is where they get into the idea of escaping the gay festival circuit, how this movie is, in many ways, a first. What they get into is *so* what I've been obsessing over for a while, what led me to write WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. The whole interview is full of fucking gold for me, to be honest; I was listening to them and thinking, "Hell, yeah! Testify, brothers!" Seriously, just go listen to it.

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