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Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Links

Ya dancer! Me old mucker from the GSFWC, Jim Steel, pointed out to me that Gwyneth Jones has reviewed INK in today's Guardian, so I nipped out to pick up a copy... and was even happier to find that my review is directly under Audrey Niffenengger's review of Kelly Link's MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. Couldn't be in better company, far as I'm concerned. It's a qualified positive, one of those that doesn't really dig the fragmentary structure, but does at least seem to like a lot of what's going on. Encapsulating quote:

"Readers content to be carried along by the tide will be rewarded with a rip-roaring supernatural adventure..."

That's not too bad at all. And, hey, it's Gwyneth Jones, in the Guardian.

And while I was at the shop, I thought I'd check the shelves... and yes, indeedy, the feature article on The Ballads of the Book is in the current issue of The List, Scotland's coolness and happenings culture mag. The album being out on Monday and all.

So all is well with the world.


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