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Friday, June 18, 2010

Gig Tomorrow

It looks like I'll be spouting some spoken word tomorrow night at O'Henry's, on Drury Lane (just along from Stereo,) for anyone in the Glasgow area who fancies a brief performance of doom-laden poetry along with some very loud doom-laden music. See, just before I left Helsinki, I got a text from James of The Radiation Line, inviting me to gig with him (again) on Saturday, and needless to say, I'm well up for doing a bit of ranting. And there's no PA, it seems, so I'm just gonna have to be a fucking shouty motherfucker about it, heh.

So, most likely I'll be doing Canto 10 of The Lucifer Cantos, with some noise rock in the background, as an intro to their set. It worked pretty well when we did something similar, a wee while back at The Halt Hijack, with James and Euan coming in quiet at the start behind me, building up as the spoken word piece reached its climax, and then properly letting loose after I spat my last words at the audience and left them to their proper set. No idea how it'll work this time, since they haven't heard the poem, never mind rehearsed something to fit it. But with "doom," "drone" and "noise" being the operative words here, I'd say, I'm reckoning we'll do just fine.

So, yeah, if ye fancy it, head for O'Henry's on Drury Lane tomorrow night for 7.30. There's four bands in total, and it's a mere three quid on the door, so it's a veritable bargain! Don't know when we're on, but it could well be first, so get there early. And I don't know what the other bands are like, but I suspect, knowing James, it's gonna be all about the audio ass-kicking, aggressive and angry.

And anger is an energy, as a wise man once said.

Yeah hup!



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