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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tähtivaeltaja Award...

... is mine! Mine, I say! Mine! Yes, in an act of typical wonderfulness, bless em, the Helsinki Science Fiction Society has given the 2010 Tähtivaeltaja Award to Vellum! As has been, I just this very moment discovered, reported on the front page of the Helsingin Sanomat online news site -- full story here. For those of you as don't read Finnish, here's Tero Ykspetäjä's English language version of the press release. Man, I even had a live radio interview and got filmed for the six o'clock news -- so I shall be on t' telly tonight, hurrah! Take that, World Cup!

So, yeah, I'm well chuffed, needless to say. You only need to look back over the past winners to see that it's damn fine company to be in! And now there's no need for the evasions and outright fibs of the last few days as to my "just being in Helsinki for a wee holiday." (Apologies to all of yez who've been subject to them. I was sworn to secrecy.) Cause, yeah, there was actually a wee bit of an extra reason to come. But, hey, given how awesome Finnish fandom is, that random holiday cover story is... kinda true on a thematic level, you could say. It's like a holiday plus, as far as I'm concerned, crashing with Hanna & Joonas, catching up with all my Finnish friends. I've been having way too good a time to actually get a chance to blog, so will have to recount all me adventures at a later date. But, yanno, obviously this had to have a Grand Announcement!

So, yeah... as the saying goes...




Anonymous Sarah said...

Fabulous news! Congratulations!

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Blogger Charles said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jeff Ford

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one!

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