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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Story's End at the Edinburgh Fringe

Click through for the trailer cut together by Johnny Barrington from footage of the CCA gig, including some shots of Yours Truly from my film debut as Naked Crazy Pictish Hobo Writer. Don't worry, all the shots used here are SFW. But yes, that's me standing naked on a moor. On Skye. In January.

No doubt I'll link to listings and prices and places to buy tickets as and when, but for now all you need to know is Edinburgh Fringe, August 14th-18th, 11.30pm, at the Anatomy Theatre, Summerhall. You won't be disappointed.

UPDATE: Doh! Oh, so there is embed code for Vimeo. I managed to not find that when posting initially. So sod it, here ye go. No need to click through even.

STORY'S END - DEAD MAN'S WALTZ from johnny barrington on Vimeo.

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Anonymous Paul F Cockburn said...

And, if anyone's wondering, the "Anatomy Theatre" at Summerhall is so-called because that's what it used to be, when the building was home to the capital's Veterinary School. Only been to one show there during last year's Fringe, but it's certainly an interesting venue!

11:07 pm  

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