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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coming Soon...

Cover art by Cat Ingall, the talent behind those gorgeous title cards on Story's End. All done meticulously with one sheet of paper and a very sharp scalpel, with Teh Modurn Teknologee used to add gradient, texture and layout stuff. The result is, I'm sure you'll agree, absolutely stunning. It perfectly captures the stories in the chapbook, and as cover art for a strange fiction work where the target audience isn't boxed into either the "SF/Fantasy" or the "Literary Fiction" marketing categories... well, I reckon this is spot on. Hell, as far as I'm concerned it wouldn't look out of place on some Penguin edition of a magical realism classic. In short, it's fricking awesome. And yes, if you're a writer or publisher looking for cover art, Cat is indeed for hire, contact details on her site.

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