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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Encyclopaedia Fantastica

Email through from Paul Jessup of Grendelsong:

I've set up a wiki specific to fantasy fiction, critique, and exploration of the genre. What I hope is to build a community created Encyclopedia of all things fantasy- like an online version of Clute's great work (but, well, not directly Clute-ian). The address is here:

In a few months it will move to a more proper .net domain. But until now, here is where it be. Anyway, I've only put up a few entries (with little detail that I plan on expanding over the week). Feel free to wander around, adding or editing stuff, or just have some fun. The whole point is to edit, add, do whatever. Feel free to edit other entries, adding or taking away from them. If you have any problems, email me. Unlike wikipedia, this *is* a place to expound your own theories and ideas.

Sounds cool. Looks cool.


Blogger Jim Steel said...

C'mon - hurry up and get your Interzone link up before 209 sells out. I've just read 'The Whenever at the City's Heart' and it's a cracker. It had never occured to me how underused the word 'shoogle' is in science fiction.

10:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you liked you'll love the chapbook Hal's got coming out from GrendelSong in a few months. Check it out here:

11:08 am  

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