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Saturday, January 20, 2007


And let slip the dogs of words!

This is just a wee announcement for anyone in the Glasgow area. As you might know the GSFWC has done a few group readings in the past, in conjunction with the Edinburgh-based Writer's Bloc. Well, we've come of age and decided to go it alone. In order to keep the spoken word performance collective thingy distinct from the Circle (i.e. we're open to folk from outside the Circle who want to get in on the fun), we thought it best to set it up as it's own thing. And so has been born, lo, the mongrel mutt known as Word Dogs.

We have a Yahoo Group, open to the public, for anyone who wants to be keep abreast of what's happening.

We also have a MySpace, where you can friend us and make us feel loved.

Most importantly, though, we have a GIG! Next Wednesday! Eek!

OK, so I could have probably made this announcement a bit sooner, but I've been busy. Anyway, here's the dealio.


An evening of spoken word performance by Glasgow's Word Dogs, readings on the theme of, well, havoc. That means: Crime! Murder! Piracy! Death! Terrorism! Bloodsports! Rioting!

If music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, a knife can make it so much less agitated.

Where? The 13th Note, downstairs.

When? Wednesday, 24th January, 20.30 - 23.30

How much? A mere 2 quid (1 quid concessions)

Who's all on? Well, in alphabetical order, we have...

Eliza Chan
Michael Collins
Hal Duncan
Mike Gallagher
Mark Harding
Richard Mosses
Phil Raines
Neil Williamson

Come ye all and enjoy words and beer, beer and words. It'll be fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received a copy of INK in the post today, just wanted to give my thanks and say that so far i'm enjoying it every bit as much as i enjoyed Vellum. tis great work.

4:32 pm  

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