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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You fluffed your lines, you twat!


"Five years"? When was it ever "five years"? It's meant to be three. Three years, Jackass.

Three years didn't seem like very long. I thought I'd improvise.

Have you actually read the Second Act?

Well... sorta. It was a while ago.

So you remember the line that goes "three minutes in a song, three days in love… three years in drunken misery."?


So you can't just change three years to "five years", can you?


Because it would sound stupid, wouldn't it?

I guess.

So you've fucked it up, haven't you?

Hey, it's what I'm best at.

Shit, we'll just have to hope no-one notices.

Fuck it; it'll be fine. Stop worrying and get on with yer costume change.

Here, give us a hand then...


Oi! Geroff. Not that kind of hand, ya...



Forgive me?

Shut up and keep doing that.

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