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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Website and Mailing List

On the off-chance that anyone has some sorta automated doohickey still keeping an eye out for posts on this blog that's become rather tumbleweed-strewn, to put it mildly, since I was seduced by the convention bar model of social media that is Twitter, I figured I'd drop one wee post here to give you a heads-up that you're waaaaaay better off these days either following me on Twitter or subscribing to my mailing list. I've started revamping my website at so there's a chance I'll set up some blog page integrated with that and port a lot of the old material over, to get it in an interface that's a bit less antiquated-looking, but with all the craft and theory posts... it's the kinda material I might wanna retool into... something more. It seems like there might be a Big Project in there, in thrashing that writing into shape for a How To. So we'll see. It's safe to say now though that I'm prooooooobably not going to be diving back into feverishly battering out ten thousand word blog posts on here anytime soon.

So instead, with the mailing list, you'll get an early heads-up on any new publications and projects, but I'm lazy enough about this stuff that it shouldn't be too spammy. More likely, it'll be "Lookit the cover I made for a Scruffians chapbook!" or "I'll be in Poland on Wednesday!" once every now and then, maybe even the odd freebie or bargain. Anyway, sign up and you get a free mini-ebook, New Sodom Tales, containing two stories that have been published but not collected ("And a Pinch of Salt" and "Ascending") and one brand new that's never seen print before and is being made available exclusively to subscribers: "The Ones Who Have Come Home to Isinglass". Available in ePub, Mobi or PDF, New Sodom Tales is being provided via BookFunnel so it should just be a zero-hassle matter of entering your email and clicking the links.

Anyway, there's at least one other freebie planned for down the line--one that most anybody keen enough to be reading this will have already, to be sure, but well, since I sat in on David Gaughran's workshop on self-publishing at the weekend there, I'm trying to get my shit together, get those Scruffians and whatnot read by more than the few dozen faithful.

So yeah, watch that space, I guess you could say.


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