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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Wee Tour

I'll be off on  a wee Spring Tour with The Dead Man's Waltz this month, with a few gigs to celebrate the launch of their "Last Train from Paris" single. Which is amazing, btw, one of my favourite tracks of theirs. It's a beautiful track, rich with the sense of real-world narrative, the profound import of history on individual lives, that gives the lyrics of "Emmeline" a power to match the music (and again drawing from WWII for its inspiration.)

(They so need to make a video for "Last Train from Paris," but I'm happy to post "Emmeline" again in lieu of it.)

Anyway, I'll be doing a wee set, twenty minutes or so, in the middle of each gig. I might do the Story's End material, "The Toymaker's Grief" and "The Boy Who Loved Death," but I'm thinking of changing it up a little, currently musing on whether other stories might play to better to the atmosphere of "Last Train from Paris." So, if you're in Glasgow, Inverness or Aviemore over the next few weeks, here's the dates to put in your diary:

Feb 22 - The Poetry Club, SWG3 Studio Warehouse, Glasgow (£5 on door)
Feb 23 - Hootenanny, Inverness (free entry)
Feb 27 - Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore (free entry)

Come along and see us. I'm sure it'll be awesome whatever I do, because whatever I do, The Dead Man's Waltz will be playing. And that's all you need to know really.


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