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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Price Slash on Escape from Hell!

The Kindle edition of Escape from Hell has been price-slashed, just so's ye know. The Kindle Countdown Deal I ran at the start of December boosted the sales by a not insubstantial factor, so I was intending to lower the base price after anyway. There's a fourteen-day lock on the price though after such a deal. That lock is now over, so it should now be available to buy for £1.53 or $3.02 (I think, basically $2.99 + tax.)

Just click through for links to the relevant Kindle Store:

Watch this spot for news of a Kindle Countdown Deal on the ebook of Errata. The price has to stay the same for 30 days for it to be eligible, but that period started on the 29th November, so there might well be a wee January Sale in the offing. 

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