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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fabbles: 0.5 and The Taking of the Stamp

Meet the Scruffians, workhouse tykes and street arabs scrobbled by the Waiftaker General, dragged to the Institute and put to the Stamp that writes your very soul into your skin.

Meet the waifs of Ripper Vicky's Empire, Fixed forever as they are, never ageing, never starving, ever bouncing back to exactly how they were Fixed... the perfect child labour.

Meet the scamps and scrags, scallywags and scofflaws escaped from their chimney sweep and mill owner masters, hiding out in their rookery cribs, surviving as thieves and beggars... and fighting back.

This ebook contains the first half of the Fabbles: 1 print edition, "A Scruffian Christmas" and "The Beast of Buskerville."

Meet Flashjack the hellion and Puckerscruff the urchin; Squirlet Nicely and Vermintrude Toerag; Yapper, the Scruffian who learned to speak Dog; Whelp, the dog Fixed as a Scruffian; and Rake Jake Scallion, not a Scruffian, but the bestest mate any scruff ever had.

Meet Gobfabbler Halyard-Dunkling, Esquire, aka Gob, the fabbler of this here crib, fresh from his fabbles of Christmas spirit and canine spifflication in Fabbles: 0.5, here to tells yer, why, only the most important fabble of em all... the fabble of how the Scruffians took the Stamp!

This ebook contains the second half of the Fabbles: 1 print edition, "The Taking of the Stamp."

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