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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coming Soon to Kindle

Yeah, I think I accidentally hit on a sort of retro gay porn novel look when I was designing the cover, but hey, it's a contemporary rock opera take on a Restoration Farce, so fuck it; while I'm updating the filth of the past for a contemporary audience, I thought I may as well go all in, and dance blithely into another era entirely. Oh, and that's the pert and pretty ass of Peinte's Orphée looking all twink porn on the cover, from a photograph turned on its side for extra saucinesss. But it's not smut if it's historical, right? Also, that gives us Classical Greece and the late 19th century too, just to make it all the more transtemporal... as Sodom is, motherfuckers, old or new.

So, yeah, I've no idea if anyone will want to buy a libretto for a musical without the slightest clue what the music sounds like--and a musical without the slightest chance of ever getting staged, to be honest, given the sort of stage directions inherited from Rocheter--but I figured it was more sensible to put the results of another of those mad projects up on Kindle than to leave them languishing in some link hidden away in the menu or the blog archives. A free download is all very well, but there's not much point if people never fricking notice it to download it.

Anyway, as you were. I just thought I'd chuck the cover up in a post here, in prep for when the review process is done at Amazon and it becomes available on the Kindle Store(s).



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