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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blog Refurbishment

Apologies if you've been following the blog, btw, and all the recent postings seem like promotional overkill. Actually, with some of this stuff--e.g. the immediately previous post on "Die, Vampire, Die!"--I'm not so much pimping as just getting entries up for linking from the sidebar or the bibliography. Once we've got everything set up with a page each for whatever, and Amazon buttons on it, and whatnot, it should all be a little less "BUY MY BOOKS, MOTHERFUCKER!"

So bear with me while I get my shit in order, yeah?

And come to think of it, feel free to have a snoop around the Projects and Buy menus and the Bibliography (under About,) let me know if there's any navigational issues. Imma try to make it all a bit more accessible for anyone wandering in with no prior knwledge of who the fuck I am, yanno?



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