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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy New Year! Yer Happy News!

Aye, Happy New Year indeed, and man is it starting off as one with a bunch of irons in the fire. First off, I note that Queers Dig Time Lords is now available for pre-order from, containing my essay, "The Doctor: A Strange Love, or: How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Who," which should amuse some at the GSFWC no end with its grudging reconciliation with aforesaid Time Lord. It also contains my mad plans for how I would take a chainsaw to the clompfoot of nerdist continuity were I to step into Steven Moffat's shoes once he's done. Like they'd let me near him:

Right now, I'm proofing my story in Best Gay Stories 2013, "The Origin of the Fiend," a reprint from Icarus which will also be in The Lavender Menace, an anthology of gay supervillain stories. I'm rather fond of this story, not least because it proves the value of unashamed faffing. It started off from me playing with an online superhero design doohickey, creating a Big Three of Overman, Hookman and Monkeyboy and then an entire Legion of American Watchers. So yeah, about as much like real work as a ten year old on summer holiday cutting loose with crayons. But I gots three sales out of it, so there! Also an opportunity to slip the Scots word "thrawn" into wider circulation, this time as a character name. So, yeah, watch out for this in June:

Talking of "thrawn," there's some bigger news that has a connection with that word--and a bundle of other Scotticisms, actually; but I'm going to post about that separately once we have... final details thrashed out. Keep yer eyes on this blog for an announcement very soon.

Then there's the short story collection from Lethe Press, SCRUFFIANS!, which Steve Berman is planning to do a special collector's edition for, with some tasty images inside. Over the holidays, Steve has sent me a few shots of models, to no complaints from meself, but I gotta get a few extra stories written for him in exchange, heh. I haz a few I'm working on though -- whether it be with hellhounds, Scruffians or the crazylong novella featuring Jack and Puck on a terraformed Mars, with PoV regularly from the perspective of the plant-life. Projects, projects, projects!

Come to think of it, there's another Sekrit Projekt too, a non-fiction book I need to speak to me agent about. Having been kicking thoughts around for a while, over Christmas an angle on the concept hit me that I realised would make for a good stocking filler for a general audience. We'll see what the agent thinks though. Me, I'm in that first flush of "This could be awesome!"

And last but not least, there's Story's End on February 7th at the CCA, a "massive, crazy and perverted celebration of death and storytelling using song, film, sculpture and spoken word - featuring new work by The Dead Man's Waltz, Johnny Barrington, Mark Weallans, Hal Duncan, Kate McMorrine, Cat Ingall and Louise McVey!"

I posted about The Dead Man's Waltz a wee whiles back, having been contacted by Hector Macinnes about this collaboration. Immediately intrigued by the band name and with a theme for the show -- death and narrative -- that seems somewhat simpatico to say the least, I immediately went online to find some of their stuff, found "Emmeline" and was blown away by it:
I reckon this show will be fucking superb, and I'm soooooo looking forward to it. Got one story lined up to read and another gestating at the moment -- needed to balance off against Story #1, I think. After the meeting we had just before Xmas to brainstorm, I can't wait to see what some of the others involved are throwing into the mix.
So yeah. It's all go. So I guess I'd better go and get on with it.



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