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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Link, Not Quite New Story

At some point I'll probably pick up where I left off before Christmas with my ramblings about mnemes and semes and whatnot. There is a big post on memes sitting half-done in Scrivener. But at the moment, I'm sworn to get my shit together and finish the fucking novel. So needless to say I procrastinated and updated the "Online Fiction" links to include my story from the latest Cabinet des Fées, "The Wolf and the Three Wise Monkeys." I'm sure I posted about it before, but if ye missed it the first time round, go ye and read.

Also, another story got placed a week or so back, so I'll let yez know where to look for it as and when the contract malarkey is done and dusted.

As you were.



Blogger graves said...

wondering when the sequel to escape from hell is gonna be released, been trying to patiently wait lol.

6:02 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Sorry about the wait. I'm finishing a full novel as we speak, with Assault! On Heaven! next on the agenda. Can't put a date on it, I fear, as there's no publisher lined up -- but I'll update on here as soon as there's news.

9:49 pm  

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