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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wolf and the Three Wise Monkeys

Once upon a time, there was a Big Bad Wolf, a cultivated guy, top hat and tails, but a bit of a cad, a cur, a bounder, not a bad sort per se, but of dubious scruples and instatiable appetites, a propensity for exotic narcotics and avante garde Swedish art magazines featuring young male cyclists in sundry stages of undress. He came to me, he did, in the bathroom mirror one day, saying, Where the fuck’s my fairy story, scribbler?

Snickety-​​sharp teeth aglint in his grin, eyes of steel, he was switchblade, poetry, fury. What was I to do?

Full story just published in Scherezade's Bequest #14 over at Cabinet des Fées. Go read the rest.

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Anonymous Paul F Cockburn said...

Ah yes, a fun little story; good to see it out there in the world of the interweb.

And a Merry Cashmass to you too. ;-)

6:06 pm  

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