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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year

Having returned from my annual Hogmanay jaunt with mates to a remote cottage -- in the wilds of Dumfries and Galloway this year -- I just thought a quick wee post was in order to say Happy New Year to yez all.

Unfortunately, my MacBook seems to have become a boddhisatva with the end of the festive period, extinguishing all ego in the form of the letter "i," so emphasis on the wee. Oh, it survived the trip fine, was working perfectly when i booted it up on my return to check email. But somewhere between tweeting and checking that the interwebs were all in order, it suddenly decided there's no "i" in anything let alone "team." So, yes, when i say "wee post" i do mean "wee," cause copy-&-pasting one letter is fucking tedious to say the least. Looks like i have a fun trip to the Apple Store tomorrow to spend Chrimbo money on repairs. Either that or everyth_ng _ write turns _nto some crazy Oul_po malarkey. Fun fun fun.

Still, i refuse to be scunnered by this little gnatbite of happenstance, as i also returned to the news of Vellum's release as an audiobook n the US. Should you feel so inclined, you can now go buy yourself a copy over at Cool!

Even cooler, i also returned to an email from Dutch artist Stijn Windig to let me know that he was reading Vellum and had been inspired to create some art based on it. Here's his take on the Road of All Dust, and fucking awesome it is too, i think we can all agree:

Do click through because there's some great detail shots on his website, and hours of fun to be had exploring the other work up there. Gormenghast! Nefarious squid creatures! "Whirring mechanical dragon-type things"! Go see! The short animation Jacob's Lament is gloriously gorgeously trippy.

Anyhoo, enough for now. Don't think i can sustain the substitution of Ctrl-V for "i" much longer, but i just had to share that pic.

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Blogger Unknown said...

And to you and yours too, Hal!

Hope you had a good 'un, and that your "i" key makes a speedy recovery. Don't know what I'd do without mine. ;)

12:52 pm  
Anonymous Paul F Cockburn said...

Do you think this is the downside of Apple now using a prefix "i" on so many products, including the rumoured (and potentially confusing, at least in the UK) iTV?

Not had any problems with my own MacBook Pro so far, but will keep a wary eye (or should that be "i"?) on the keyboard, just in case.

On a related issue, when will Apple move # to a slightly more prominent position on the main keyboard?

12:50 pm  
Anonymous Denni said...

Thanks for the art info--very much worth checking out!

1:37 pm  

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