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Friday, August 26, 2011

Literary Death Match

Anyone who isn't all Edinburghed out after the Fringe: I'll be through on the 6th of September in the Voodoo Rooms for Literary Death Match. Which is to say, I'll be going mano-a-mano against another writer (Doug Johnstone, Sophie Cooke or Katerina Vasiliou), slugging it out in the medium of spoken word, hoping to make it to the decider round which, by the sounds of it, could be anything from a plastic lightsaber fight to a welly-chucking contest. Fun fun fun!

I am, of course, considering the viability of a) a luchador mask, b) playing a Weegee "heel" to the Edinburgh audience, (Me: "Salt and sauce?! Fuck yer salt and sauce!" Audience: "Booo! Hissss!") or c) both of the above.

So if you fancy coming out to give us a bit of support (or to add to the indignant outcry when I hit my opponent over the back of the head with a folded chair when they're not looking (though that's actually unlikely cause I suspect I'm too good-natured to play a proper heel (... or am I?) ) ) it'd be good to see you in the audience.

It does look like a blast. See:

And if you can't make it, do feel free to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, whatever. The more, the merrier.



Blogger Maritza said...

So sad I live so far away. I would have loved to be there. By the way, your swearing makes me smile.

8:02 pm  
Blogger Adrian Todd Zuniga said...

Silena: how far away? We're all over the place, and while Hal won't be at every one, we've got sub-Hal's en masse!

2:36 pm  
Blogger Maritza said...

well I live in Sweden. Any way wish him luck and a very good time, I think the "luchador mask" is ok and he may use the name "Taco libre" hahaha! Also, I would love to see him hit the opponent with a folded chair :-D

7:04 pm  

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