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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whatever the Fuck You Want

So, a while back I blogged about my idea for a high school movie, WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT, a gay retelling of Shakespeare's As You Like It -- with a little sample of the first few scenes in the completed screenplay. The finished thing was punted off, via my agent, in the direction of Hollywood, but alas 'twas not what his contact there was looking for. Bummer, as they say, but not a huge surprise for a prose fiction writer turning his hand to a screenplay, fighting against the innate impulse to detail stage direction that should really be excised. And messing around with Shakespearean dialogue that's not averse to a bit of lengthy soliloquising in places.

Anyways, so it goes. But since this is the kind of crazy-ass project that I can't exactly do much else with, I figured I might as well punt it up on my fileshare site as a freebie. So if you fancy a read of the full kit and kaboodle you can download a PDF here. And if you happen to be a crazy ambitious film-maker type who loves it, well, you know where to reach me.


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Anonymous Johan said...

So much for doing the translation I had planned to be done with by now. Ah, well.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, but you know, sometimes it felt like halfway a novel. Not a bad thing from my point of view as a reader; worse, I imagine, if you want it filmed.


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