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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apropos of Nothing

A scene I wish I'd written, a scene I wish I could memorise for future use:



Blogger Jef Powers said...

I've never seen this. Thanks for putting it here. I won't forget it.

Ugly bitches and bastards too, need to be told where they can goo.

By the way, thank you for everything you've ever written. Thank you for you own courage to say what must be said. (Even when it's hard as shit to do).

12:53 am  
Blogger Z said...

That is a most amusing telling off that I have ever seen (besides a few others I have seen or heard).

I must second the person above, thanks for putting it up and I will have to check the movie itself out.

The saddest part of that scene is it mirrors too many other bigoted individuals mindsets. They always quote someone who commits atrocities against a group of people for one reason or the other. Always saying something to the effect of "gee-golly so&so had it right all along about them!!". Is there any basis for it? nothing terrible significance, its all a load of rubbish masked with hatred. blech

On different note, I think the character got what came to her.

12:34 pm  

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