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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Not Long Now



Blogger Swanosaurus said...

First time I'm tempted to travel to another continent just to go and see a musical ...

1:53 pm  
Anonymous JeT said...

Have just read the libretto for Nowhere Town and I would love to see it. Funny, as I foudn this through the usual Google weirdness lof links. I am an author who's first novel The A-Men not only has a protagonist called Jack, also known as his gangname: The Nowhereman. Hence the link to this musical.

The story's sci-fi by default, as it had to be set in the near future... but as well as being dystopian, there's a lot of mythic fantasy at its heart.

After all the novel opens with Jack waking with no memory finding himself signed to a military peacekeeping unit sent to quell the riots in a place they're calling Dead City... his only link to his past a handwritten note in a book of faerie tales named Forevermore.

Similarities, differences... but that's the way the big wired world works I guess.

11:38 am  

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