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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lucifer Cantos 3/13


How I remember mad Satanic joy!
Oh, I am Christ again, wrack-raptured boy,
high on teen crucifix, palms nailed to chance,
ready for glory’s spires, the raven’s dance.

All men are Kadmos; shells of eyes must see
we’re fractured urns, fraught clay of sanity.
Crack skulls! Unleash the light! Dead minds recall:
All men are Lucifer, all blessed to fall

to swoop, daemoned ceramics, I in thou,
rending the where and when, the why and how.
Reason is ego, marionette as king.
Fervor is judgement’s judge, a scorpion sting.


Oh, I remember, I wept grief to boil my bones
with acid tears of bliss, gripped reptile’s throne
to topple all, make rubble of my world.
And when I rose, rat’s-leather wings unfurled.



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