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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Arguing With Geeks 4

Sufficiency Threshold Differential Intolerance — For two individuals of the same reasonableness, in any given argument there may be different thresholds of sufficiency such that where one participant considers an explanation convincing the other does not. Where A and B represent the two participants and N represents the number of points required to convince a participant satisfyingly, the ratio A(N) : B(N) is the Sufficiency Threshold Differential. Where x is directly proportional to the reasonableness of a participant, Sufficiency Threshold Differential Intolerance sets in when this differential is substantial enough that A(N + x) is lower than B(N - x), which is to say where too much explanation for one participant is considered too little explanation by another. For the advocate (A) this intolerance may well become manifest in a refusal to recognise that the burden of proof is on them and that they must adapt accordingly, increasing their reasonableness to accommodate the demands of B. This will most likely be articulated in the “You’re just being obtuse” meta-argument.


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