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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Escape from Hell! Review

Over at Neth Space:

"Escape From Hell! is a wild ride through the literal Hell – a pulp adventure and angry condemnation. I suppose that some may consider it blasphemy – I consider it brilliant fiction. It’s rare for me to think such, but Escape From Hell! would make a great movie, if anyone had the guts to make it. 9/10"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al,

Got my copy last Saturday and - after finishing my current reading matter - started in on it yesterday.

Finish it a short while ago. Terrific fun! I've read a handful of your short stories and novelettes and so, now, having read a novella I guess I'm ready for Vellum/Ink (only the length of that novel has put me off reading it so far).

I reckon Escape from Hell! is the perfect introduction to your work for new readers. I do reviews for BFS's Prism magazine, and will definitely be doing one for this in the March/April issue.

Audrey and I missed you not being at the last Word Dogs - but hopefully you'll be at the next one!!

Till then, Al, all the best :-D

5:43 pm  

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