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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


And in a sweet synchronicity -- I've just found out that Hannes Riffel's German version of VELLUM has been awarded the Kurd Laßwitz Preis for Best Translation 2008. (The original even snuck in at #6 in the Best Foreign Work apparently, which is also well cool.) So a big shout out and tip of the hat to Hannes. Even without reading German I knew just from working with him that the result was gonna be damn fine, so I'm well chuffed that the Powers That Be have recognised the quality of his work.

In short: Hurrahs!


Blogger Unknown said...

Rocking good news!

5:39 pm  
Blogger Hannes Riffel said...

Many thanks! I am only too aware of my shortcomings as a translator, and it feels great that nevertheless all the hard work and brainracking that I put into 'Vellum' has been recognized. But it would not do to let this stand without mentioning - and thanking - my line editor Angela Herrmann, who's diligence was an immense help, and Sascha Mamczak at Heyne, who bought the book in the first place and made the HC editon possible. These two stand for a host of others, without whom life as a translator wuold not only be less fun, but nigh impossible. Thanks!


11:25 am  
Blogger Colin Meier said...

Well done, Hannes. From what Hal quoted the other day (I think that was from Ink) it certainly seems like you've been doing a great job.

(And Hal! #6 isn't bad...!)

1:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Hannes and to you babe for a brilliant book!

4:08 pm  
Blogger Swanosaurus said...

Well deserved, indeed! I'm looking forward to reading the translation of Ink, which will also be a good excuse to read the original again as well.

9:05 pm  

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