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Friday, June 02, 2006

Why A Goat?

Because of motherfuckers like Judge Punch, Xtian Fascist, Enemy of the SubGenii and all-round Pink-Boy.

The scene: A custody case. Judge Punch sits with a copy of the constitution burning in one hand. In the other he holds a pile of photos of Rachel Bevilacqua (aka Mary Magdalen of the Church of the SubGenius (Praise Bob! Dobbs be praised!)) taken during various SubGenius revelries.

JUDGE PUNCH: Can I interject a question? Could you hand her the exhibits and just show me one thing in those exhibits that's funny to you? Would you just pick one out for me just so I, because the sense of humor is elusive to me I guess, and maybe you can help with that, OK?


JP: Why don't you just the first thing you come to that's hilarious, pull it out and explain it to me?

RB: As I'm sure you realize, it's very difficult to explain humor.

JP: So why don't you just stop talking and just do what I ask you to do, OK?

RB: Yes sir.

JP: You're passing by a lot of pictures that apparently aren't funny then, is that correct?

RB: I'm passing them by because I'm not sure how to explain to your honor the humor value of them.

JP: They are all funny to you?

RB: The pictures themselves are not, but the events were.

JP: Okay. We will keep going until you can find something that's just going to knock my socks off with the humor of it, and we'll proceed. Since you have such a big organization devoted totally to humor, I would really like to learn more about it, so find the funniest picture and then explain the joke to me. How about the Barbie doll that's being crucified with the swastikas on the nipples, is that a pretty good one?

Punch was especially adamant that Rachel convince him of the humor of her Deity Ball costume, with its goat-head mask. "Why a goat?" he asks several times in a transcript of a hearing. "Would it be funnier if it was a goat as opposed to a pig's head?"

Funny enough, I have a goat's head tie-pin. Pretty much because of shit-heads like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbie Doll with swastika nipples-

that is funny! Is that judge dead inside or something? Whatever happened to freedom of religion? Stupid fascist ass. Maybe he has swastikas on his nipples?

1:51 pm  

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