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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Haven't had time to blog over the last week or so and, since I'm off to the US tomorrow, it don't look like I'll have time to blog over the next week or so. So, in the meantime, if ye really like to hear me wittering on (aye, right), then you can check out this new interview over at Fantasy Book Spot.

And / or you can check out this review from the New York Literary Society...

Vellum: The Book of All Hours, at its core is a wonderfully complex book layered in history, mythology, and an awareness of contemporary social ills. Layered, but not hidden; which allows Duncan’s non-didactic approach to the novel’s political undercurrents to flow freely and naturally. Poetry lovers in general and spoken word artists in particular may find such euphoniously written lines as, “…they’ll have slave ships ferrying dead sinners to their Western Lands to toil in plantation purgatories…” deeply satisfying. However, there is a word of caution that must be interjected here. Readers looking for a quick, mindless read or something in the vein of a dumbed-down, Da Vinci Codeish literary frolic should leave this book on the shelf. Juxtaposed with Brown’s, Da Vinci Code, Vellum will feel like taking a graduate level course – without satisfying any of its pre-requisites. In short, you simply cannot skim this one and not come away with something that resembles Milton’s, Paradise Lost set to underground Irish hip-hop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You appear to be spearheading a trend. Barlow has written lyrics to be recorded too - I said you were more vitriolic, but he disagrees. You be the judge -

6:36 pm  

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