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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh, Yes!

I meant to post about this too but forgot....

The GSFWC and the "Edinburgh mob" (aka Writer's Bloc) will be doing a joint reading thingy tomorrow night (well, tonight, strictly speaking), Thursday, 15th December, from 8:00, in the basement of Canon's Gait bar in Edinburgh. There will be beer drunk and stories read. I'll be doing my own, um, deconstruction of a certain well-known character from children's fiction, as published in Strange Horizons earlier this year -- The Disappearance of James H____.

Anyone in the vicinity is welcome to pop along; I believe it's two quid admission, one quid fer concessions.

Go on. Ye know ye wanna.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

12 hours after i leave the city. that would have been an enjoyable way to spend the evening too.
next time for sure!

2:37 am  

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