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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Electric Velocipede # 9

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I've noticed these buggers have started going for silly money on eBay too. So... for those of you actually looking for some neat fiction to read rather than crazily collecting my signature (I'm thinking of changing my name to "Internet Bubble", or maybe "Tulip Craze", the way the collector market is going crazy, you know)... you do realise you can get the plain, unscrawled-upon copy for a decent rate direct from Mr Klima himself? Cool.

And there's lots of tasty fiction in it over and above my not-so-little story "The Chiaroscurist". There's Neil Williamson and Anna Tambour and Jason Lundberg and Mark Rich and Jay Caselberg and and and and and...

So potential UK buyers just follow the linkee to the leftee.


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Thank you, very interesting!

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