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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Could It Be, Yes It Could, Something's Coming, Something Good!

T-3 days and counting.

Just back from a wee wander down to the SECC to register early and avoid all the queues and shite of the Thursday. Yes, I am an eager beaver. Yes, I was keeping an eye out for anyone I recognised, just on the off-chance I could persuade them to go for a pint and sit there in the bar with a programme book in front of me (unopened, of course), pretending that I was already at the con. Ah well I'm off to see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory with the creamyummy Johnny Depp (well... not off to see it with him obviously; one could only wish) so maybe what I can do is drink ten pints beforehand, lie down across four seats and pretend I'm trying to sleep in the video room at 4 in the morning because I haven't booked a room in the hotel and have lost the person whose room I was hoping to crash in. Ah, the sweet memories. That's really the only way to see Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer, to my way of thinking. How I remember that warm, hazy glow of quasi-consciousness, the mind drifting lazily between slumber and sentience, and the blissful confusion of spiky chaos and industrial mayhem. Those were the days.

In between, registering I've also been trying in vain to phone the Royal Mail and get them to redeliver a parcel of the HB sent up by my friendly neighbourhood collector (who was the one what gave me a heads-up -- thanks, Richard -- on the 575 quid Vellum) for signing. Bloody postal service. If it's not engaged it just rings out. Bet they're all just sitting in the sodding sorting office playing cards or summat. I'm going to have to noise up Jim Steel (the GSFWC's very own Charles Bukowski (minus the extreme alcoholism)) about it tomorrow night at the Nova Scotia launch. Oi, postie; what's the special line for arranging inter-office postie piss-ups then? You know, as opposed to the "ignore that, it's only a bloody customer" line?

Mind you; I shouldn't complain. They did deliver a brand spanking shiny (well partly matte in places) new copy of Nova Scotia, just in time for me to read the intro and try and come up with some ideas on Scottish Imaginative Fiction for the Worldcon panel on the Monday. Cause I'm damn sure not going to have any time to read it during the con.

T-3 days and counting.


Blogger Joe said...

Just received my finished copy of Nova Scotia myself. If its any use to your talk, I thought it was an excellent mix of tales and there was some young chap called Hal in there who, according to an erudtie review written on the toilet wall in CC Blooms in Edinburgh, is a 'genuine up and comer'. Although given the location that may refer to his sexual proclivities and not his writing, or perhaps both depending on his mood? :-)

Seriously, mate, great colletion (loved the way Ken took a very Catholic tale from Blish's Case of Conscience and turned it into a very Church of Scotland tale). Oh and Matthew Fitt used BroadScots for a change if that's any help for your discussion :-).

Enjoy the Macmillan launch on Friday, bud, you've earned it!

11:00 pm  

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