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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Con Has Started

T-2 days and counting.

Could be! Who knows?
There's something due any day;
I will know right away,
Soon as it shows.

It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
Gleam in its eye,
Bright as a rose!
Who knows?

It's only just out of reach,
Down the block, on a beach,
Under a tree.

OK, so I am now very very drunk, and am not really capable of formulating sense, but Nova Scotia is now launched (and a good time was had by all!) and I am very very drunk. Did I say that already? Yes. OK. But the important thing is... I am very very drunk.

Worldycon has officially started, no matter what anyone else says.


I got a feeling there's a miracle due,
Gonna come true,
Coming to me!

T-2 days and counting.


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