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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I Am Pimp, Hear Me "YO!"

Yo! I say, Yo! Check it out, muthafuckas! You want some story? Man, we got the finest story you ever gonna taste. We got some Scottish story, sweet and tight and --

Right! That's quite enough of that.

Now that the world and its pet oyster seems to be aware of Vellum I thought I should make sure this other little beauty gets some pimping. Also available in just three weeks time at WorldCon will be the spiffing Nova Scotia anthology edited by fellow GSFWC member (that's pronounced "gesifwic", btw, like some strange Old English verb -- þuhte me þaet Ic gesifwic syllicre treow on lyft laedan!), Neil Williamson and Edinburgh-based Writer's Bloc stalwart Andrew J. Wilson.

It's got some Scottish bigwigs with serious lit-cred -- like Edwin Morgan and Ron Butlin -- and some SF/F bigwigs with awards and shit -- like Charles Stross, Ken MacLeod and Jane Yolen. There's the dynamic duo, Phil Raines & Harvey Welles, with a couple of Year's Best appearances under their belts. There's just lots of creamy goodness in there.

Oh... yeah. And it's got a story by me.

So just buy it, OK. If ye can't make it to WorldCon, well then ye can even get it from Amazon. Go on. You know you want to.


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