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Thursday, June 23, 2005

WorldCon Schedule

Friday 12:00 noon Autographing

Crayons or felt tip pens, d'ya think?

Saturday 1:00pm Kaffeeklatsch

Kathleen Ann Goonan
Geoffrey Landis
Jessica Rydill

Why I signed up for a kaffeeklatsch I'm not exactly sure. I mean, given that my first novel is only released on the Friday, it's not like there's gonna be hordes of fans queuing up to meet me. I just ticked all the boxes, basically, in the participant questionnaire. Readings, panels, kaffeeklatsches, why sure, I'll do 'em. Hal Duncan, media slut.

Saturday 2:00pm The Greatest Queer SF (1.5 hrs)

Paul Cockburn
Jim Grimsley
Jed Hartman
Tanya Huff

Description: "What are the best queer works of science fiction? A celebration of queer themes, queer characters and queer authors in the sf genre."

I suspect my contribution to this might amount to "Samuel R. Delany is a goddamn motherfuckin genius. Oh, and so was William Burroughs." At great length and with great enthusiasm.

Saturday 6:00pm It's Sort of Fantastic, and I Like It But (the Growth of the Slipstream).

Colin Greenland
Elizabeth Hand
Kelly Link
Mark Rich
Delia Sherman

Description: "Our panelists look at the fiction that slips between traditional genre boundaries, and ask why this kind of fiction appeals to sf readers despite the frequent absence of anything "obviously" fantastical."

Ah, yes. They put me on a "slipstream" panel. Lock and load, daddio. We got us some infernokrushing to be done.

Monday 10:00am Scottish Imaginative Writing

William Meikle
David Pringle
Neil Williamson
Andrew Wilson

AKA: The "Why You Should Buy The Nova Scotia Anthology" Panel.

Although, can I just say… ten o'clock? Ten o'fucking clock?! Are they fucking crazy?! Me on a panel at fucking ten o'fucking clock in the fucking morning?! They're gonna have to have a fucking Irn Bru intra-venous drip set up for me, cause at that time in the morning it's gonna look like a goddamn 1970's Hammer House of Horror movie -- Duncan Has Risen From The Grave. I can see things going a little like this:

Andrew: … to what extent the Celtic Twilight influences modern Scottish fantasy? Hal?

Monday 12:00 noon Reading (0.5 hrs)

Hmm. After five days of hard drinking and chain smoking, expect a remarkably accurate imitation of Tom Waits.


Blogger John Klima said...

You gotta get me into the Slipstream panel. (I'm not buying a membership to the convention)


1:41 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

"So you drove a monster truck through the wall of the Convention Centre, Mr Duncan?"

"Well, I was doing a favour for a mate, officer."

"By driving a monster truck through the wall of the Convention Centre?"

"I was trying to get him into the panel I was on."

"Ah, yes. The 'Slipstream' panel."


"Inferno... crusher?"

"Infernokrusher. With a 'k'. One word."

"So you were trying to get this person into this 'Infernokrusher' panel?"

"That's right."

"And you couldn't have used, say, the door?"

"He wasn't a member of the con. So we had to sneak him in."

"And driving a monster truck through the wall of the Convention Centre constitutes, in your opinion, "sneaking"?"


"Well, it was going to be a tank."

2:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al - Monday, 10am - think of it as a challenge to display exactly the qualities that make Scots SF writers unqiue!

I'll bring a pointy stick shall I?


3:46 pm  
Blogger David Moles said...

Man, if I wasn't going to be on a train down to London by then, I'd totally offer to do backing vocals for your reading. For that real Waits effect, though, you should see if you can rent a calliope.

12:21 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...


David: Calliope... definitely! And some dustbin lids to use as symbols for the mad percussive effects.

12:53 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Um... cymbals,I mean.

12:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't like to say. Thought you might be being meta-fictional.


2:22 pm  

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