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Saturday, July 18, 2015

And a Pinch of Salt

Issue 15 of Farrago's Wainscot as my latest short story, "And a Pinch of Salt," up there on the interwebs for your perusal. Click through for a tale of Anselm and cocksucking:

God works in mysterious ways—down strange back-alleys mostly, in enchanting side-streets off the boulevard, past the corner boys and through, between the narrow of tenement walls warped to concave overhangs, weird tiered storeys of them rising each side of the cobbled lane to swallow an urban explorer of New Sodom, as a crack in the cityscape, a gorge of interstice all dumpsters and darkness and fire escapes zigzagging up to the jut of rooftops limned with moonlight, and framed between them, in the distance up ahead, a queer red iron Tour Eiffel straight from Delaunay's cubist canvas, standing as a foundry-wrought sentinel at avenue's end, down past the rhombuses of redlit brothel windows where, inside, nine muses are kissing an amorous john called Humphrey to ecstatic death just as is chalked on the pavement underfoot in couplets...


Blogger Claudia Carbone said...

The genius over , the genius touched , the first and the last astro
You change the words in images
from olfactory odors fiery

from the poetria extitus
Acidula from brindisi

6:19 pm  

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