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Thursday, August 22, 2013

After the Apocalypse

"Ah! Democracy! It's been so long since we've heard that term!"

You have a few more days to see The Creative Martyrs doing their After the Apocalypse show at the Voodoo Rooms (at 20.25.) A sort of Laurell & Hardy cum Vladimir & Estragon, all the way from the Weimar Republic, by way of the People's Soviet Republic of Ruritania, and now here, at the Edinburgh Fringe, in this post-apocalyptic world of twenty seconds into the future, where you, the audience, huddle in a crumbling music theatre, struggling to survive, to rebuild, to re-organise, under a new (democratically-elected!) Glorious Leader, a Brave New Utopia Dystopia Utopia Dystopia! Impossibly catchy songs, masterly audience interaction and all of the rollicking entertainment comes with more than a few satirical barbs that couldn't be more timely. Hell, two years ago, these guys were focusing on surveillance state stuff that's in the news now.

Go see them while you still can.



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